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I first read Maile Meloy’s work through a short story in an anthology I had purchased during my Master’s program.  I took my oldest daughter to the park at that time (she was younger and my only one), and I sat on a picnic blanket and read while she played.  It was a warm spring day, and as I read for pleasure, not assignment, I fell in love with one of the stories.  It was “Ranch Girl” by Maile Meloy, and I realized that this was a story from an author I had been waiting to read.  I had reserved one of her short story collections, Half in Love, at the library.  It never appeared.  To this day, I have not seen that particular volume.  My library does not have Meloy’s books.  It’s a pity.

I began purchasing her books.  They are captivating and simply beautiful.  I began with

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Palavras de Alguem

Eu não sei ao certo,
Se isso pode ser ou não, uma boa ideia,
Mas sei que não custa tentar,
E espero, ou melhor, acredito,
Que vou ver seu belo sorriso.
Te encontrei no terminal,
Você vindo da escola, cansada e desajeitada,
Mas linda no seu melhor jeito de ser,
E tudo que eu mais queria, consegui,
Fazer esta surpresa e te ver sorrir.
Essas lembranças me vieram à tona hoje,
Me fizeram lembrar o quão feliz eu era,
O quanto eu amei você,
Nestes dias tristes, frios e sombrios,
A sua lembrança ainda me trás paz.

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Websites for the Greater Good: Non-Profits on

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All kinds of organizations make their home on small businesses, municipalities, religious organizations, schools, community groups. We also provide an online HQ for quite a few non-profits, from the global to the hyperlocal. They turn to for an easy-to-use, low cost solution that gets them an effective web presence without diverting thousands of dollars from their missions: helping others.

Here are just a few of the organizations that call home, and some of the ways they’ve used to create compelling sites that tell their stories and engage their supporters — nearly all for little or no cost:

Girls’ Globe

Girls’ Globe is a Sweden-based non-profit that connects individuals and organizations dedicated to the rights, health, and empowerment of women and girls.

Girls' Globe

The site creates a space for bloggers and non-profits to share stories of their challenges and successes. Each of those stories becomes a learning experience for…

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